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You are about to strengthen your search for a nice home by registering for our services by means of: a registration at Duinzigt Wonen.

  1. The information you provide is correct and entered to the best of your knowledge.
  2. The information you provide will be treated with strict confidentiality. The moment you show interest in a property, your data will be used to make a proposal to the landlord and to realize an allocation of the property for you. By providing your personal documents, you automatically give Duinzigt Wonen permission to provide them to the landlord in order to come to an agreement with you.
  3. Duinzigt Wonen cannot be held responsible for any information that is (or will be) on our website (or affiliated website(s)) or other information carriers.
  4. To introduce you to the Land Lord, the following information must be provided : Passport or ID-card, document of the City Hall or Taxes company with name & address, last 3 salary slips, bank statement with name & IBAN and the transfers of the last 3 salaries, employer statement. In case you are a student or you have a temporary contract you have to have a guarantor (ID, document of the City Hall or Taxes company with name & address, last 3 salary slips, bank statement with name & IBAN and the transfers of the last 3 salaries). PLEASE NOTE: Please keep in mind that the admission requirements of every landlord differ.
  5. The information you provide can and may be checked by Duinzigt Wonen for correctness and authenticity. Duinzigt Wonen can also do a credit check to check whether you have been in contact with bailiffs or collection agencies..
  6. For the process of wanting to rent a home through Duinzigt Wonen, the tenant gives permission to request and process the personal data of the tenant and any guarantor on the basis of the AVG principles. The requested personal data is necessary for the execution of an agreement. Duinzigt Wonen hereby declares that it will handle this personal data in strict confidence.
  7. The final allocation of a home is always with the landlord.
  8. All offers made by Duinzigt Wonen (to you) of housing, both written and verbal, are without obligation.
  9. On the delivery date of your assigned home, all necessary documents must be present at Duinzigt Wonen and you must have paid the rent and the deposit. The rental agreement will be entered into under the suspensive condition that at the time of key transfer all necessary documents are present at the landlord and that you have paid the rent and deposit..
  10. PAY ATTENTION; In the event of cancellation on your part, 24 hours after written confirmation by our office, you are bound to pay 1 month's rent before the delivery date, as well as the cancellation costs of € 250.00 excl. VAT..
  11. Duinzigt Wonen cannot be held liable (directly or indirectly) for the correctness of identification, (employment) contracts, pay slips, etc. As a home seeker, you must guarantee to Duinzigt Wonen that all documents supplied are correct.
  12. If you are self-employed, you should take into account that as a rule you have to pay 3 months deposit.

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